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About the Podcast

Outside the Box with Asendia USA
e-Commerce, Logistics, and Sustainability best practices
Are you an online retailer shipping packages internationally? "Outside the Box" is Asendia USA's podcast educating US-based e-tailers on international shipping topics and how they can expand their global e-commerce footprint.

• Are you struggling with navigating international customs clearance?
• Want to learn how to reduce your global shipping costs?
• Need to improve your transit times for a better shopper experience?
• Interested in learning about online shopper behavior in other countries?

Then this podcast is for you!

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About your hosts

John Walsh

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John Walsh, Vice President of Sales at Asendia USA, oversees the growth of our e-PAQ Elite DPD international shipping solution. With more than 40 years of e-commerce industry experience, John was previously the Vice President of Business Development for UPS Mail Innovations. His expertise in sales, marketing, and operations makes John a valuable industry expert in international and domestic e-commerce shipping.

Nick Agnetti

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Nick Agnetti, Enterprise Sales Executive at Asendia USA, has over a decade of e-commerce industry experience helping top-tier online retailers, marketplace sellers, and subscription box companies convert their international traffic into actual sales and repeat customers. His background in sales, business development, and logistics establishes Nick as a reputable voice in the international e-commerce logistics arena.